Body Transformer

What is it?

You might have a wedding dress you want to look good in, a beach holiday coming up, or even have a reunion with friends or family you haven’t seen in a while and you want to feel and look your best. This program is the one for you.

A 12-week transformation program that is suitable for anybody who is looking to make a drastic change to his or her physique. The program aims to teach you the best way to get lean, strong and healthy through different methods of training and eating while supporting you in achieving a real transformation in the way you look and feel. Here is some of what you can expect as part of the program:


Initial Consultation

  • Discuss expectations of you and your coach in the coaching relationship

  • Get to know your sports and fitness background

  • Discuss your movement limitations and injury history

  • Uncover your motivations, goals, timeframe for transformation and deepest driving forces (identify your WHY)

  • Review your lifestyle and nutrition needs

  • Understand current recovery habits and requirements for the future

  • Blood pressure reading

  • Measurements of body composition and weight

  • Set the foundation of trust, honesty and authenticity for the coaching relationship

In order for the transformation program to work you will need to dedicate between 4-5 hours a week with a program that will consist mainly of strength and resistance training whilst also following a diet plan.


Each week you can expect to get stronger and progress with the volume and repetitions of your exercises, which will give you the best results out of your training and transform your physique.


Progress Updates

Every 4 weeks we will track your progress by measuring your body composition using tape measures and scales to ensure we are on track to meeting your goals and to make sure we are losing fat and gaining lean muscle. We will also take a new photo to compare our body before and after.

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