Personal Training

Get the support of a Personal Trainer with the fun of a group class

Personal Training is designed for those who want to see the desired results but struggle with training on your own, or want the extra edge from getting real-time feedback on perfecting your movements and a highly individualised program.

What does this mean for you?

  • Reach your goals faster with a targeted program and the accountability of a caring coach; then evolve to the next step that’s right for you

  • Create lasting change with lifestyle and nutritional support

  • Work out on a flexible schedule

  • Know exactly what to do every time you train and get answers to all your questions

  • Rehab old injuries and prevent new ones with an emphasis on safety

  • Look good, move well, and feel amazing while being challenged enough to keep it interesting and fun



The personal training is results-oriented, using regular assessments and ongoing communication to make sure your training and nutrition program always works for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

How it works?

Step one - Getting to know you

Come in for a free consultation where we’ll get to know you and what you would love the picture of your health and fitness to look like. This conversation will include:

  • Your goals, motivations, and what will keep you loving your training for years to come.

  • Your lifestyle, nutrition, sleep and stress habits. We’ll also cover any past injuries or current limitations.

  • Expectations of you and your coach to set a foundation of trust and open communication.

  • All your questions will be answered and full support will be given

Step two - How you move

To design a program that works for your body, the first session will be to carefully assess your movement patterns. Clients find this a highly educational and beneficial part of the process, and it is also a good time to get to know you during this in-depth experience.

We will look at:

  • Movement quality in a variety of positions to make sure all exercises in your program will be safe for your body

  • Imbalances from side to side that might factor into your training

  • Conditioning levels so the work in your program will be the right intensity level for you

  • Strength in a number of different planes such as bend, push, pull, and more to uncover areas for growth

Step three - Your training and ongoing support

  • Monthly programming to match training intensity, frequency and personal goals

  • Exclusive access to a fully equipped personal training studio

  • Review your weekly results and adjust your program accordingly – your program evolves with you

  • Every month, you’ll have a 30 minute consultation to review progress, discuss eating habits, assess goals, and discuss ongoing expectations

  • Nutritional guidance based on your goals

  • 7 days a week training availability (6.30am-10.00pm)

  • 24/7 email support


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